The digital transformation process creates many new chances and opportunities. Digitalization is advancing inexorably worldwide. Digital transformation is the key to Industry 4.0 for companies and entrepreneurs. Our digital workplace is becoming more networked, smarter and more mobile. Specifically, we support you with our know-how in the digitization of analog values, such as the scanning of paper-based documents, letters, invoices, offers, etc. Digitization will preserve your data and information in the future and which will be easier and faster to access. OCR * text recognition also scans scanned paper documents for keywords. Take advantage of your digitization and however do not miss link. Get a customized quote.

*OCR = engl. Optical Character Recognition


Our main focus

Process Digitization
Data Management
Digitization of documents and letters
Implementation paperless office


Independence & flexibility of location

Information and data are available at each location and can be accessed on mobile devices. More effective data usage will take place.


Time-saving & technology

Time-saving through outsourcing. For implementation, we use the latest and most reliable technologies.



Fast, uncomplicated and networked communication with colleagues, business partners, and customers.



Reaction times for customer acquisition and customer loyalty are faster and customer satisfaction increases. Changes in the market situation in product development and customer’s requirements can be fulfilled to more quickly and flexibly.


Data Management

Centralized document management systems help to search information and data in administration and organization. Lengthy searches in digital filing systems are eliminated.


Confidentiality guarantee

Your documents entrusted to us will be treated with absolute confidentiality. We guarantee this with a secrecy agreement or NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).