Agile Project Management

Familiar with the agile manifesto and agile principles. Several years of experience in agile project management (primarily Scrum), as well as in hybrid project management are what sets us apart. In agile project management, we focus on the project management office area. Above all, the PMO, as a central interface, has a leading role in the introduction and implementation of agile methods. The PMO promotes the understanding, acceptance, and application of agile methods.

Main focus

Thorough handling of  JIRA/CONFLUENCE
Monitoring of projects
Coaching / Mentoring of Scrum / Agile Methods in Scrum-Teams
Daily Scrum moderation
Stakeholder management
Arrangements of trainings


Flexibility, economic

efficiency and cost savings

Our service can be used according to requirements and order situation.

Fast response

through virtual collaboration

Remote working means that we are independent of location and can respond quickly to your request.


We have proven

qualifications & certifications.

Communication / Correspondence in German and / or English

As we work both nationally and internationally, business fluent German and English skills are a matter of

course for us.

Fair contracts

We offer you customer-oriented contract terms, through our tailor-made

contract arrangement.

Confidentiality guarantee

Your documents and data entrusted to us will be treated in the strictest confidence. We guarantee this with an NDA

(Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Project example


Introduction of JIRA/CONFLUENCE in the company.


Coordination of the work packages and the effort with contacts from the respective teams should be taken over. Responsibilities for the individual work packages should be transparent should be easier to plan and control.

Our Implementation

Cross-team coordination for the project and central contact for JIRA tickets. The project particularly includes project calculation, stakeholder management, Atlassian license management, and regular reporting to the management.